Job Posting Guidelines

In today's job marketplace, a well-crafted and honest job posting is essential to attract qualified candidates who match your needs.

Ensure you have a clear and detailed job description to help potential applicants understand the role but also everything related to workplace well-being.

Here's a mini-guide on creating an effective job posting on Workarma, embracing our workplace well-being principles.

Job Description:

Company Description:

  • Go beyond the dry basics and capture the essence of Where the company is going. Are you a passionate startup or a family-owned business with community ties? Take a moment to paint a picture to give potential candidates a sense of the company's vision, ethics, and culture.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Seek to be specific about the Work - what you need the job seeker to do and what resources they will have to achieve the goals set. 
  • Unravel the Workplace to explain the organization of the company, its processes, and its procedures. If remote or hybrid, explain how they'll be integrated to ensure they feel part of the company.
  • Emphasize the impact of the role inside the company and to customers.


  • List essential skills like communication and problem-solving and minimize rigid requirements that might exclude great candidates.
  • Explain what type of person would best fit into the company.
  • Show you're open to potential and growth.


  • Go beyond the regular and explain the components of salary, benefits, bonuses, and perks that can improve their Wealth and Wellness.

Here are some additional tips:

  • Use keywords that are relevant to the position you are trying to fill.
  • Keep the job posting concise and to the point.
  • Highlight the well-being benefits of working for your company.
  • Use an engaging, professional tone and avoid slang or informal language.
  • Proofread your job posting carefully before posting it.

By following these tips, you will have a job posting that will attract qualified candidates that meet your needs.