Employers Overview

Employers like you support employees who often feel undervalued, underpaid, and ready to leave if you fail to understand their needs.

By contrast, your organization will feel the strain from owners, shareholders, and market conditions. You will be wrestling with a plethora of issues, including the 'want' of seeking to mandate that employees return to the office.

We know Companies that embrace the principles of well-being will ensure better employee retention and recruitment, increased employee engagement, improved productivity, better company performance, reduced absenteeism and burnout, and lowered health care, workers’ compensation, and disability costs.

At Workarma, we promote our W5 principles of well-being:

  1. Wealth
  2. Where (Going)
  3. Work
  4. Workplace
  5. Wellness.

If you are an employer who wants to embrace workplace well-being and find like-minded job seekers, you have come to the right place.

Workarma brings you less work and more karma.