About Workarma

Work has fundamentally changed.

How we work, where we perform, and the expectations of the workplace experience have been altered forever.

Today, employees often feel undervalued and ready to leave any organization that fails to appreciate their needs. Yet, corporations are wrestling with market conditions and seeking to introduce new controls and working regimes.

Industry data shows that organizations prioritizing well-being ensure better recruitment and retention, employee engagement, productivity, and performance.

Workarma has been created to help navigate the principles of well-being to match employees with employers who put wellness before wealth.

Our Workama workplace well-being principles we use to evaluate Companies are:

  1. Wealth. Do they deliver fair and equitable compensation practices to ensure employees feel financially stable?
  2. Where (Going). Do they have a vision, values, and principles that foster employee fulfillment, meaning, and purpose?
  3. (Good) Work. Do they provide a suitable workload that enables employees to learn and grow, get choice and autonomy, and receive recognition and rewards to drive better results?
  4. Workplace. Does the company create a respectful workplace that encourages camaraderie, teamwork, and flexibility? Do managers champion employee development and provide suitable resources? Are equity, inclusion, and belonging promoted to minimize stress?
  5. Wellness. Do they ensure employees' physical and mental health with a work lifestyle that makes a happy workplace where conflicts are resolved and non-judgmental conversations are encouraged?

Workarma has created a workplace well-being rating scale for companies to help job seekers make better job search decisions.

Workarma is owned and operated by Scrypt, Inc. based in Austin, TX.